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Mandatory Meeting - 2 Oct 2011

posted Sep 29, 2011 02:57:21 by GeorgeDavila
Good evening all royalty members and essential members. Thank you for your patience with the administration of AUEDA. We have been tying up loose ends with the comedy show and I feel we are close to closing the books on the comedy show.

First things first. I want to thank Mari Lopez on behalf of AUEDA I know this must have been a very difficult decision for you. I want to extend my thanks and appreciation for everything you brought to our organization. I know along with your family and your employer, the commitment you also had for AUEDA may have been a difficult balance . I would never want to put any more on your plate than you can handle or was necessary. I hope you will continue to be apart of our AUEDA family without the commitment as a assistant director. On behalf of AUEDA, the executive board Santos Uriegas, Rick Uriegas, myself and our board members we thank you for your commitment to our organization and the community we serve.

That being said I am calling for a mandatory meeting of all royalty members as well as essential personnel/volunteers. This is a very important meeting the first half of the meeting we will be discussing the ALTARCITOS IN THE BARRIO event which will be held October 30th. We will have information regarding food and non food vendors as well as a preliminary line-up for the stage as well as a preliminary info on what will be happening through out the day as well as when you will be introduced to the audience as our new royalty members.

Roy please make sure to bring the line up so we can see who is scheduled to perform and Linda, Rick as well as myself may have an idea of what we will be dealing with.

Linda please come prepared with a report on what dignataries have confirmed and what officials will be attending . Please be advised the flier has made the Fiesta Commission Newsletter!!!

I hope to see each and everyone of you at this meeting. I also expect for a Fiesta Commission Official to stop by and register everyone who has not been registered to be a part of the Fiesta Commission. I understand a number of our royalty members have not signed up. Please allow me to remind you that this registration is mandatory in order to be apart of our organization. I hope you will be prepared to leave your check/cash with me so that I may register you personally. I will do this if the Fiesta Commission cannot send someone to our meeting. I will have Rick Uriegas pick up the applications from the commission so that we may have this in hand and our members will be registered this Sunday.

If you have any fundraising money please bring this to turn in at our meeting. I also will be sharing fundraising ideas as well as how to execute fundraising events. As for craft supplies if you also have these items please bring them to the meeting as well.

Please be advised that Chance will be following this email with a text to confirm you will be attending.

Eva Davila is his assistant and will be calling each one of you if we do not hear from you via text or email. If we do not hear from you at any of these times I have mentioned I will assume you have dropped from participating as royalty. This is fine too. You are welcomed to stay as volunteers and try for the following year. The economic situation is hard right now and no one understands that more than this organization and those who serve the origination. We want all of you to stay as part of our AUEDA family. We want this experience to be a fun-filled experience as well as a learning and growing experience. You will make more friends and more contacts as well as be the most popular group at any Fiesta event during the fiesta season.

Pease know we are only months away from the new year and once that happens Fiesta will be steps away!!! Lets get ready and be the best we can possibly be. See all of you this Sunday, Oct 2, 2011 at Jimmy's Pizzaria restaurant. Meeting will start promptly at 2PM.

Thank you
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